Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Tip of the Day!

You just cracked an egg into a bowl and bits of shell have broken off and fallen into your egg. How do you "fish" them out? The easiest way to remove those bits of shell from the egg is to use the eggshell itself.

The bits will be attracted to the shell and can be easily removed.

Easy peasy!!!


  1. That's cool. Haven't heard that before. I try hard to not get shells in cause I just don't have the patience for it. lol

    Now if there was an easy way to get raw egg off the floor when dropped. It's like chasing mercury from a thermometer around the floor. lol

    Again love your blog. I've been saving recipes like crazy. lol

    Have a great Tuesday.

    Take care, Janet W


  2. Hadn't heard it either. Shoulda opened my blogger dash an hour ago because I just made scrambled egg for my boys dinner and was fishing out a wee piece with my fingers. Thanks for the tip!