Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kids in the Kitchen

A great way to get kids to try something new is to get them involved! From planting new veggies in the garden to buying the staples in the grocery store, kids should play a role on a regular basis. I know, I know - it's sometimes easier said than done but in the long run will your kids learn to love a variety of food, you will be able to spend great time with them and instill in them a love for good time together in the kitchen.

If you have children even as young as 2 or 3, they can help wash fruit and veggies (they love to play in water), pour pre-measured ingredients into the mixing bowl and even stir pre-moistened batter (make sure your dry ingredients are moistened to keep the dry ingredients from flying around).

Older kids can help with cutting soft foods, cracking eggs and mashing fruits. If they are beginning to read, have them help to read the directions. (They will be getting a little extra schoolwork in without even knowing it!)

Important too is not only letting them help with the prep and cooking, but clean up as well. And most of all, have fun!!!

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