Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Tip of the Day!

If your recipe calls for melting chocolate in a double boiler and you don't own one, find a heat proof bowl that fits nicely in a saucepan. Add some water in the saucepan (be careful not to add too much - your bowl could overflow the pot), place your bowl with the chocolate on top of the pot, turn up the heat stirring frequently.

Once the chocolate melts you can remove the pan from the heat and remove the bowl from the pan. Just be very careful since there will be steam built up underneath the bowl that can cause a burn.

You can melt your chocolate in the microwave but I find this is not as good as using a double boiler or your own hand designed double boiler :-)


  1. I just bought me a nice set of glass bowls so I could melt chocolate in a double broiler.

  2. Don't let water touch the bottom of the bowl. It will burn the chocolate.

  3. Great idea! Luckily I have a double boiler but I have noticed my husband uses his copper bowl he got in Turkey to melt chocolate in over the pan.