Friday, June 8, 2012

Bar-be-Que Ribs

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All other photos were taken by me)

There is a small window of time in the Spring and early Summer when the weather is perfect for making BBQ Ribs.
It is cool enough to have your oven on...
and nice enough to be out on the patio, at the grill.

I like to keep summer cooking as easy as possible.
Use a good quality Rib Rub and sprinkle over your rack of pork ribs.
Cut up a medium size onion into eighths.

The bottom of my oven broiler pan was the perfect size.
Onions in first...
Next the rack of ribs with rib rub...
Pour chicken broth in around the edges to add about 1/4" of liquid in the pan. Seal tightly with foil.
This will keep your ribs nice and most.

Place on center rack of oven.
325 degrees for about 3 hours.

They will be nice and tender, so carefully lift them out of this pan 
to a baking sheet to take out to your patio.

Slather with your favorite BBQ sauce.
Ol' West BBQ Sauce is made in Mellette, SD...
right down the road from us!

Grill long enough just to brown the surface,
as they are already fully cooked, moist and tender.

Happy Weekend!


  1. new follower.....i look forward to coming back and spending time going back through your blog.....i am always saving and writing recipes out and some i think my son would like i email to him, so i am looking forward to the journey the ribs sure look yummy!!

  2. Yummy, Natalie! They look wonderful. You forgot to call me when you made these :0]

  3. Can you believe I've never eaten ribs before? Neither can I! LOL. This looks easy and simple. A way for both hubby and I to get involved in the kitchen... lol. Cooking that is :o)

  4. They look delicious. Love me some ribs in the summer. Enjoyed my visit! Found you on Pinterest!