Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Egg Dyeing

Brown eggs vs white eggs?

I was always under the assumption that brown eggs would not dye well, if at all. Last year, owning my own chickens that were only brown egg layers, I purchased white eggs from the supermarket just to dye for Easter. For some reason, those eggs didn't cook well nor did they dye well. I had a mess on my hands! Because I needed to have dyed eggs for a breakfast that I was serving, I bit the bullet and tried dyeing my farm raised brown eggs.

The result - gorgeous!!! Rich, gorgeous, "country colored" eggs.You may want to allow them to sit a little longer than you would your white eggs, but well worth the extra few minutes. If you have never dyed brown eggs, I encourage you to try them for youself. I really believe you will absolutely love the results!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing! My sister raises chickens & I wasn't sure if the brown eggs would work or not! Now I can hit her up for some "Easter" eggs!

  2. I love the brown eggs, too! I discovered they dyed very well last year, and I too love the lovely country colors they make when dyed. Very prim.

    Hope you have a lovely day today,
    Susan @ CluckleBees

  3. They are beautiful rich colors. Alas, I would have to buy brown eggs too. hee hee. Still gorgeous.

  4. What dying method did you use.....Store bought or your own? They look beautiful!

  5. Oooooh, pretty colors! It was well worth taking a chance :) Hmmm..might just try this for Easter this year.

  6. Love the way these turned out....really pretty. I might have to search for brown eggs for Easter.
    Thanks for joining my Temptation Page. If your shop is not listed I will make sure it gets on the list.
    Love your site

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  8. Lucy....those turned out beautiful!!! When my siblings and I were little our Grandmother would dye eggs for us. They were always one color though, as she used her saved (Spanish) onion skins to dye them with. I wonder now if her eggs were brown too....as they looked just like the egg on the left/front in your picture. Did you use a regular store bought dying kit for these?