Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tuesday's Tip of the Day ~Taking your Grilled Burgers to the Next Level

Everyone loves Hamburgers on the Grill.

Instead of the plain white burger buns,
serve your burgers on a Focaccia loaf.
This one is Olive Oil and Rosemary.

Or on this Ciabatta loaf.
They are "take and bake".
Then, you can slice the loaf into individual portions.

Brush a little olive oil on top.

Bake according to package directions,
and it is a beautiful golden brown.
(It's usually about 8 minutes)

Look for this or a similar brand at your supermarket.

I put the bread in the oven...

when hubby takes our hamburgers out to the grill.

Cook hamburger until desired degree of doneness.
We prefer medium rare.

This one is topped with shredded Swiss cheese.

Our favorite is provolone with sauteed mushrooms,
on the Olive Oil & Rosemary Focaccia.


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